Montrose District Security Patrol Successfully Reduces Car Break-Ins on Thanksgiving Weekend

By | December 5, 2017

On Sunday November 26th, the Montrose District made significant arrests that have already resulted in a reduction of motor vehicle burglary incidents in the Montrose area.

Two days earlier, on Friday the 24th, surveillance video of the parking lot of Niko Nikos on Montrose identified two suspects in a late model BMW casing cars in the lot. The suspects pretended to go into the restaurant, but never entered. Then they started looking through cars in the lot before driving away.

On Saturday the 25th, surveillance video again showed the same suspects breaking into a vehicle, but they were able to leave the lot before being apprehended.

On that Sunday, one of the Montrose Patrol officers identified the same car which had returned to the lot, and parked in front of it to prevent it from leaving. The video was checked, and confirmed the same suspects, who were then retained as their vehicle was searched. A spring-loaded glass-breaking device was discovered in the vehicle, as well as other tools used for breaking into cars. Stolen merchandise and identification not belonging to the suspects was also found. The two were arrested and charged. The female suspect was also out on bond for aggravated assault.

The Montrose Patrol drives on average almost 25,000 miles a year patrolling the major thoroughfares throughout the District. There has been a positive trend in the reduction of felony and misdemeanor arrests from 2013 through 2016 and that trend has continued in 2017 due to their presence. Much of their work is proactive, patrolling businesses and business parking lots, with almost 12,000 business checks a year. They also issue burglary of motor vehicle report cards reminding motorists of the risk of leaving packages and other valuables in plain sight within vehicles, inviting potential break-ins.

Learn more about the Montrose Patrol at our website.

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