Our Mission

The mission of the District is to attract public and private investment, provide professional management to the area and enhance the economic well-being of the community. To assist with this mission, the District is empowered to finance projects and plans related to public safety, business and economic development, mobility and transportation, and beautification. The District also leverages local resources, public and private, to enhance the business environment and quality of life in the area.

In creating and continuing a management district, property owners seek to:

  • Organize themselves to pursue a common vision.
  • Create capital investment, services and improvement.
  • Render continuous, focused, and professional management of the area’s needs.
  • Provide cost-effective funding mechanisms for improvements.
  • Advance the District as a superior place to conduct business, invest, live, work, and visit.

The District’s Board of Directors pursues these goals through a variety of programs and projects focused on four areas:

  • Public Safety and Security
  • Business & Economic Development and Marketing
  • Planning, Mobility, Environmental & Urban Design, and Visual Improvements
  • Project Staffing and Administration

The First 10 Years

The Montrose Management District is a combination of two Harris County improvement districts – HCID No. 6 and HCID No. 11 – both of which were created by the Texas Legislature with consent granted by the Houston City Council. HCID No. 6 was comprised of what is today the eastern portion of the District east of Montrose Blvd. HCID No. 11 occupies the portion of the District west of Montrose to Shepherd.

In February, 2011, the Board of the two HCIDs adopted an order consolidating them into a single management district. At the same time, the size of the Board was increased from 11 to 15 members. The all-volunteer Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of each month. Board meetings are public meetings, and visitors are welcome to register and speak on matters of interest or concern pertaining to the District.

The Board of Directors believes that by being pro-active, we as a community, can shape the places where we live and work. The Board is supported in their efforts by staff specialists and an executive director who perform planning, budgeting, accounting, project management, economic development and marketing functions at the direction of the Board. While each of the core service areas is critical to enhancing the already vibrant Montrose community, it is long-range strategic planning that provides the foundation for everything we do.

District provided services such as safety patrols by off-duty HPD officers, graffiti abatement, trash pick-up, maintenance of esplanades, among other services outlined in the Districts’ Assessment Plan, that are supplemental to services provided by the City of Houston, had been reduced in Mid-November and ceased completely as of December 11. The District had to cease the services due to unpaid assessments from some of the commercial property owners within the District. Delinquent assessments for 2016 and prior years are being collected for services that were delivered in 2017. The current lawsuit status does not affect the collection of delinquent assessments due for 2016 and prior years for services rendered for calendar year 2017. Please direct questions regarding the cessation of services to Executive Director, Ben Brewer at BBrewer@MontroseDistrict.org. We are committed to helping our neighborhood remain the safe, vibrant and attractive place to live and do business and would like to hear from you on how we can continue to work together in this effort.