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By | December 29, 2023

Montrose Management District reactivates with plan for safer/cleaner neighborhood

The Montrose Management District is getting back to work to improve its dynamic service area in central Houston.

It’s the core responsibility of management districts to supplement the efforts of municipal governments on issues such as enhanced public safety, stoking economic development, and removing graffiti and litter. With the support of community residents and businesses, the Montrose Management District is in a position to shoulder those essential responsibilities.

The District board met on December 14, 2023. At the meeting the board accepted more than the minimum required petitions from property owners subject to the assessment to implement a new Service And Assessment Plan (SAP), Petitions by property owners are the means for voting to initiate assessment for an SAP. In accordance with the SAP, the board lowered the assessment rate and approved the new SAP with the following limiting criteria:

  1. The new rate is a maximum of 9 cents per $100 in property value as determined by the Harris County Appraisal District. The previous rate was 12 cents.
  2. Mid-rise and high-rise buildings pay assessments based on the value of only four levels of each structure.
  3. Multi-family residential complexes of 25 units or less are exempt from assessments.
  4. Mixed-use properties (commercial/residential) will pay assessments only if the business portion of the property is more than 40 percent of the total valuation.

The district board accepted and approved the petitions` submitted by property owners and the collection of revenue from commercial property owners to implement the SAP to fund a project list that features public safety initiatives and the abatement of graffiti and litter along commercial corridors.

The district’s revenue in 2024 is projected at about $2.2 million, with 60 percent of the funds for public safety projects and a combined 20 percent for graffiti/litter abatement and economic development. (See the attached Budget slide).

Public safety programs include hiring public safety personnel to patrol commercial areas, complementing the work of the Houston Police Department. The plan also calls for the deployment of extra security cameras and the funding of overtime for officers to patrol
around late-night entertainment establishments.

Mindful that HPD statistics showed that crime increased in Montrose when district services were paused in the previous decade, commercial property owners and city government officials urged the District to resume its work. (See the attached Public Safety slide).

The “safer, cleaner Montrose” improvements are aimed at fostering economic development, which is the bedrock task of management districts as defined by Texas law.

As always, owners of residential property are exempt from the district’s annual assessments, which are based on property values determined by the Harris County Appraisal District.

Two lawsuits aimed at forcing the district to dissolve were denied in 2019 when they were dismissed by a state district judge. (See the attached History slide).

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