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Montrose is where you want to be!

Business & Economic Development and Marketing – this function of the District has helped support and promote over $400 million in new multi-family, office, and retail development in the area. New luxury apartments that have been completed or are under construction will bring over 3,000 new residents, mostly young professionals who will add even more vitality to the restaurant and retail sectors of the Montrose community.

During The First 10 Years, Programs & Projects included:

  • Annual real estate forum luncheons attended by commercial real estate owners, brokers and developers, financial executives, architects, engineers, and business owners. Well known speakers describe current business trends and opportunities, as well as the future outlook for Montrose.
  • Retail workshops attended by District retailers who describe issues of importance to them and receive information about District efforts that will benefit their businesses. District staff also get retailers’ suggestions to help them plan the real estate forum events.
  • Creation of illustrated brochures given to developers to provide them with useful information about the District, trade area population, and demographics; the purposes, history, committee structure, and Service, Improvement, and Assessment Plan of the District; numbers and types of businesses; comparison of retail demand and supply; and District strengths and advantages.
  • Advocacy for increased City of Houston CIP and Rebuild Houston funding to repair, improve, and replace poorly conditioned streets, sidewalks, and utility infrastructure.
  • Survey of candidates for mayor to obtain their views on issues of importance to District businesses and residents.
  • Meetings with a Westheimer commercial property owner to provide information to him on how to proceed on a possible structured garage project utilizing leading-edge technology.
  • Preparation of the preliminary financing plan proposal for creation of a Montrose TIRZ which was approved by Houston City Council with the Board appointed in December, 2015.
  • An analysis of property and sales taxes paid vs. services, and CIP expenditures received by the District from the City of Houston to ensure District share equality.
  • Support and tracking of major new real estate projects planned or under construction.
  • Development of a multi-step Economic Development Action Plan for the District.
  • Analyses of statistical information of population, demographics, and key economic factors pertaining to the District.
  • Inventory of vacant properties, properties for sale, and underutilized properties in the District for the purpose of determining where future commercial development and redevelopment is likely to occur.
  • A visioning exercise to gauge the types, magnitude, and locations of development and redevelopment that are likely to occur in the District over the next 15 year period, as well as the factors that may hinder such projects.
  • Creation of a District website, Facebook, and Twitter feeds which include: Houston’s 3-1-1 service, an events calendar, what’s happening in the District, a photographic tour, updates, and a business database which includes shops, restaurants, bars, services, and entertainment.
  • Publishing of monthly e-newsletters and a semi-annual printed newsletter covering District achievements, topics of interest, events, and major new real estate projects.
  • Conduct biannual recycling events, an annual holiday lighting ceremony, and holiday decorating contest.

Summary of Expenditures…

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