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By | September 6, 2017

How do I file for disaster loans?

First – contact FEMA at their website: or call at 1-800-621-3362. 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week

Second – File for an SBA disaster loan at or 1 800 659 2955
Homeowner and renter loans up to $240K ($200Kproperty + $40Kcontents). Interest rates are between 1.75% and 3.5%.
Businesses OF ANY SIZE and non-profit organizations can apply for property damage loans up to $2M
Small Businesses can apply for Economic Injury loans that provide up to $2M of working capital to generally assist with recovery
o Non-profit interest rates 2.5%
o Business loans 3.305% to 6.601%

How long does it take to get disaster money?

It varies widely for each case depending on many factors. It is best to be conservative and assume 30-60 days.

Are there ‘bridge loans’ to tide me over while I wait on disaster funds?

Some local banks are offering these loans, which do not involve the SBA.

How can my company get federal contracts to help with disaster relief?

• You must have an account at SAM.GOV to do business with the federal government
• You must indicate in your profile that you are available for disaster relief work
• After doing this you should contact the small business buying offices of the main agencies involved with disaster relief. They are:
o US Army Corps of Engineers
• Contracts may also be posted at

How can I apply for a disaster relief job with FEMA or SBA?

• Specifically SBA Disaster:
o SBA Office of Disaster Assistance job information is at (or just google “sba disaster jobs” and be sure the link is at
o You can also email [email protected] or phone at 1-866-407-7795
• Specially FEMA:
o Go to to apply

How can I volunteer to help with the disaster?

There are many organizations seeking volunteers, and chief among them is the Red Cross,

More resources on SBA’s website

Visit SBA’s website for frequently updated information about:
• ‘Locations to Receive Assistance’- Locations and hours for the Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC), Mobile Disaster Recovery Centers (MDRC) & Business Recovery Centers (BRC).
• ‘Resources for Businesses’- Resource partner locations (SBDC, SCORE, WBC, VBOC) to help small businesses impacted by the disaster.
• ‘Fact Sheet’- SBA disaster loans

Download Disaster Playbook (PDF)
Download Three Ways to Apply (PDF)

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