Peek Inside The University of St. Thomas’ New Center for Science and Health Professions

By | August 23, 2017

The need for medical professionals around the country continues to grow, and The University of St. Thomas is now better equipped than ever to meet increasing demand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) degree programs. Following a surge in STEM majors from 2010-2015, the reintroduction of its nursing program in 2012, and membership as a Texas Medical Center institution, the UST community knew it needed an upgraded science center. Following a $47 million renovation, the new Center for Science and Health Professions opened this year, paving the way for hands-on learning with over 100,000 square-feet of modern lab space and classrooms.

The following photos, provided by The University of St. Thomas, showcase the new facility as students prepare to return to campus this fall.

The exterior to the CHSP.
Everything from classrooms to closets were enlarged in the new construction of the building.
Classroom labs like this one allow nursing students to learn in realistic hospital settings, while faculty observe from the center.
The Grand Atrium provides a bright, airy space that also showcases student research.
Discipline-specific teaching and research laboratories are available for nursing, chemistry and biology students.
State of the art laboratories include high-tech, modern equipment to help students succeed.
Modern architectural elements add to the university campus aesthetics in addition to providing an excellent place to learn.

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