City of Houston Launches ParkHouston Mobile Parking App

By | May 24, 2017

The City of Houston and Parkmobile, LLC have partnered to launch a custom parking app for mobile payments called ParkHouston. The application allows parkers to use their mobile devices to pay for parking at the 9,200 metered, on-street parking spaces throughout the city. Customers using the ParkHouston app can pay for parking with their smartphones using a free mobile application available for iPhone and Android.

“We want parking in Houston to be as easy as possible,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner. “The ParkHouston app lets Houstonians park, pay, and be on their way with the touch of a button. ParkHouston offers a customized experience for Houstonians, but still allows visitors to benefit from the nationwide Parkmobile network.”

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with the City of Houston to bring a city-centric, mobile payments solution to their residents and visitors,” said Jon Ziglar, CEO of Parkmobile, LLC. “This service makes paying for parking fast and simple, enhancing the customer parking experience. Parkmobile and ParkHouston have worked together to refresh the existing program, and we look forward to continue working with them to offer drivers an easier, more efficient way of parking.”

Additionally, Parkmobile is offering a resident discount program for ParkHouston customers. Beginning May 29, 2017, Houstonians will be eligible to use the ParkHouston or Parkmobile app with no convenience fee—a savings of about 35 cents per parking session. To enjoy the app for free, Houstonians will need to submit proof of residency. For more information please visit

By simplifying the public parking experience, drivers no longer need to search their car for loose change or check their watch to see when the meter expires. The app allows customers to effortlessly input payment information, while also sending a 15-minute reminder before the meter expires. To add more time, customers don’t even need to walk back to the car – it’s as easy as pushing a button. Compliance Officers will be able to see that a motorist has paid with the ParkHouston app using their wireless handheld devices.

Parkmobile has operated in Houston since 2011. Current Parkmobile customers can still pay for parking in Houston using their Parkmobile app or upgrade to the new ParkHouston app. To set up an account, customers download the mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store and sign up using their mobile number, or by calling. Once registered, parkers can immediately begin using the app with their registered mobile device or call the toll-free number to pay for parking. A toll-free number is posted on signage near the meters for those without a smartphone to make on-street payments.

About ParkHouston

ParkHouston supports the City of Houston’s economic development by providing superior customer service, investing in cutting-edge technologies, and actively collaborating with stakeholders. As a solution-focused division of the Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department, we service and maintain over 9,200 on-street parking spaces across the City. We create sound parking management strategies for commercial and residential areas that enhance pedestrian safety, ensure a smooth flow of traffic, and allow emergency vehicles to reach their destinations. ParkHouston also works to create more sustainable communities by reducing congestion and supporting alternative modes of transportation. For more information, visit us at, on Twitter @HouParking, on Instagram @ParkHouston or on

About Parkmobile

Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. Their services have been adopted in more than 2,000 locations, including 37 of the top 100 cities in the U.S. by millions of registered users. Parkmobile’s services include on-street parking, off-street parking deck, airport and event reservations, and municipal parking permit solutions. Parkmobile serves over 20 airports as well as provides reserved parking solutions for private operators, the Super Bowl, the College Football Championship Series, Fenway Park, and Nationwide Arena, to name a few. For more information, visit us at, on Twitter @HouParking or on

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