Montrose Bridge Lights Will Be Operating Intermittently During Final Phase of Installation

By | March 14, 2017

Planned testing and fine-tuning is underway; requiring some downtime for the bridge lights through mid-April

Houston, Texas – March 14, 2017 – Montrose Management District (MMD) announced today that the new, permanent LED lights spanning the 7 bridges over US 59 will be turned off intermittently over the next few weeks while Third Coast, the TxDOT light installation contractor, Gandy Squared, the lighting architect, and the District finalize wiring and component installation.

“We rushed to get the lights working for Super Bowl weekend, even though we had not yet received all the hardware and systems from the fabricator required to operate the lights reliably for the long-term,” said Bill Calderon, Special Projects Manager. “The bridge lights are comprised of over 4,000 fixtures and is a unique project that relies on leading-edge technology; we knew that once we had them up, we would need some time and added hardware to optimize their operation.”

Quick Facts:

  • The Montrose Bridge Lights are a permanent addition to the Montrose neighborhood and the City of Houston
  • The Montrose Bridge Lights include more than 4000 fixtures, numerous power supplies, transmitters/receivers, and miles of wiring
  • The lights are computer-controlled via secure Internet connection and offer a wide range of colors and effects; the colors can be changed to reflect special events
  • The project also improves lighting on the bridge platform itself to increase pedestrian safety.
  • The LED technology allows for easy maintenance and the lights are expected to last for 20 years.

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4 responses to “Montrose Bridge Lights Will Be Operating Intermittently During Final Phase of Installation”

  1. Heather Tillman

    I love driving under the new bridge lights. It is a great way to start the day and puts a smile on my face. Thank you!

    Can you please light it up blue on April 2nd for Autism Awareness?

    • Montrose Developer

      Hi Heather –

      The board has determined that they need to complete the lighting protocols for the bridges before considering requests from the community and because the Montrose bridges are not complete, though they “appear” to be.

      The final equipment is due to be delivered in a week or so and then we will have another two weeks approximately before they are finally finished and tested. We will be publishing the protocols at the district website and sharing via SM once they are ready.

  2. G Lindberg

    I am encouraged as I have begun to worry that the two Montrose Bridges would remain dark. I so hope they will work again as they are truly beautiful.

  3. barbara Eaves

    I absolutely love the lights! And I’m delighted to hear they’re to be a permanent fixture.

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