Public update to pending legal case

By | December 7, 2016

A decision by a Harris County judge involving the Montrose Management District was released last week. This ruling has generated significant public interest, and some inaccurate information has been reported. The District is issuing this statement to clarify its position on this case and offer additional details to address the concerns of local business owners.

Re: Cause No. 2012-20396; 1620 Hawthorne Ltd. vs. Montrose Management District; In the 333rd Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas (the “Lawsuit”)

Details about this case:

  • This Lawsuit is related to a cause filed in 2012; it remains pending and is not yet resolved. It is anticipated that the case will remain undecided for several years.
  • On November 28, 2016, the trial court signed an order in the Lawsuit (the “Judgment”); the case as a whole remains pending.
  • The Judgment does not affect the validity or legality of the Montrose Management District (the “District”) or its two original parts: the East Montrose Management District and the West Montrose Management District.
  • The Judgment also does not affect the validity or legality of the assessments that have been made in the portion of the District within the boundaries of the East Montrose Management District.

Critical Factors regarding this decision:

  • The Montrose Management District remains in full compliance with all state and local laws and continues to operate within the bounds of its charter to improve the lives and economic conditions of its district.
  • No refunds are currently being planned while the case remains pending.

Thank you for your interest in the District. For additional information, please contact [email protected] or visit for ongoing updates.

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