The Montrose Patrol Helps Save the Day for Houston Press Writer Meagan Flynn

By | September 20, 2016

The District is proud of our public safety patrol for helping Houston Press writer Meagan Flynn. When she calledVictor-Beserra-7 911, District safety patrols were able to help on-duty Houston Police:

“Little did I know, as soon as I called 911 and described the vehicle and location, two off-duty HPD officers working neighborhood security in a Montrose Patrol cruiser coincidentally pulled up behind that red Jeep several blocks away from me. I would later learn that they had heard the dispatch over the radio, realized that my description matched that of the Jeep and its occupants driving right in front of them, and alerted nearby on-duty HPD officers of its exact location.”

We are proud to serve the community with our public safety patrol, which is one of several services we provide through our Public Safety Program. Learn more about how we help keep Montrose safe at our Public Safety FAQ.

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