Menil’s New Dalí Exhibition Puts Artist in Context

By | November 5, 2015
“Oeufs Sur le Plat Sans le Plat (Eggs on a Plate Without the Plate).” Image: Dalí Museum

A mini-exhibition of work by the great Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí goes on display today at the Menil Collection. Curated by the Menil’s Clare Elliott, the show includes the only Dalí painting in the museum’s collection, plus a 1932 canvas, “Oeufs Sur le Plat Sans le Plat (Eggs on a Plate Without the Plate),” on loan from the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Accompanying the two paintings are works by artists in Dalí’s circle, and samples of the Spanish painter’s correspondence. “Dalí’s a controversial artist, so it’s nice to open that conversation a little bit,” Elliott told Houstonia’s Nick Esquer. “It’s a new experience for people who return. It’s a chance to see something they haven’t seen and puts our Surrealism collection into a new context.”

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