Healthy Tex-Mex Headed for West Gray

By | November 4, 2015
courtesy Skinny Rita's Facebook
from Skinny Rita’s Facebook page

Fans of Tex-Mex looking for a healthier option are about to get a major boost in Montrose. According to the Houston Chronicle, Skinny Rita’s, a Heights favorite for organic margaritas and health-conscious fare, is taking over the old Eleven XI spot on West Gray.

Restaurant goers can expect a wide range of vegetarian options, char-grilled meats, and cactus-flour tortillas for their tacos once the new restaurant opens in mid-December.

3 responses to “Healthy Tex-Mex Headed for West Gray”

  1. I went to Skinny Ritas in the heights twice. Both times were horrible. First the servers got into a very heated argument in front of our table in a very unprofessional way, and they couldn’t tell me anything at all about what was in their cocktails. We actually had to order cocktails twice and it took 30 minutes on a dead slow night to get them to the table. The second time the food was even worse than the first. Bland, overcooked and under seasoned. Good idea but poorly managed and executed.

  2. I live up the street from Skinny Ritas and have eaten there multiple times due to it being within walking distance. I have never been dis-satisfied with the service there, I LOVE the margaritas and their use of natural agave rather than a bunch of flavored juices and sugar filled mixes, the food is always good the atmosphere is chill and the prices are reasonable… I tell all my friends about it

  3. Went to the Skinny Rita’s on West Gray on July 12, 2016. Party of 8. The waitress was inattentive throughout the experience, we had to keep finding her and asking for stuff throughout the dinner, with the exception of one time. After well over twenty minutes of waiting the food finally came out but one half of the table (3) didnot receive their order, they couldn’t find their order, they had to wait for their order and by the time they received their order the other half of the table was finished. Mind you the place wasn’t even have full. Moments before we were leaving the electricity went out in the building and possibly the block. (Not sure the whole block) They had already taken the credit card before the electricity went out. 50 minutes later still waiting on electricity and CC, which we did ask for back, so glad we did (read why below). People are piled outside waiting to pay their bill & because it was impossible to stay inside because of the smoke generated from the kitchen. They didn’t have the ability of using a slide credit card machine. (For you young ones, that’s a small contraption where you put the CC down on the machine, place a multi-carboned paper over the CC and slide the top mechanism over the CC and it makes an imprint of the information to send to the CC company)
    At one point they came out with a piece of paper for everyone to write their name & credit card down!!! WHO THE H–LL DOES THAT???? ARE THEY FRIGGING NUTS??? After 50 minutes of waiting we went and got cash to pay and get the H–ll out of there.
    Like noted above, definitely not customer service oriented, I don’t own a business but I do run one. They should have either comped EVERYONES meal after waiting so long and still no electricity or discounted their bill if they pay cash.
    Will never go back again, will stick with Skinny Rita’s on North Main, better service, and MUCH QUIETER.

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