The Official T-Shirt Of “Mattrose”

By | October 2, 2015

Mattrose_HoustorianWhat’s the tipping point for any big trend? Having its own t-shirt. Dubbing the region “Mattrose,” Houstorian — also known in real life as James Glassman — is capitalizing on the influx of bedding stores in the area with a new design.

Houstonia Magazine noticed the “smart-alecky” t-shirt for sale online and spoke to Glassman about his inspiration. “All in good fun,” Glassman’s shirts depict a map of Montrose in the shape of a mattress featuring the newly coined nickname at the bottom. Glassman noticed the trend in bedding stores throughout the area and while he’s “no expert on the matter,” realizes that there’s a need to furnish “all these new apartment buildings” being constructed.

Apparently even Mattress Firm (who also owns the brand, Mattress Pro) has taken notice, purchasing shirts for employees. Look for them around the neighborhood and purchase one for yourself at Houstorian’s website for $24.70.

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