Sprucing Up The Nest: 11 Great Places To Shop For Your Home (Or Apartment) In Montrose

By | June 3, 2015

Attention weekend warriors, DIYers and those looking to spruce up your abode: Look no further than Montrose for some of the best kept secrets in home decor, hardware stores, plumbing supplies, lighting options and more. And yes, even the abundant mattress suppliers in the neighborhood will come in handy when it’s finally time to upgrade your nightly resting place.

Credit: Settlers Hardware Co. via Facebook
Credit: Settlers Hardware Co. via Facebook

Settlers Hardware Co. / 1901 W. Alabama
For antique lovers and restoration projects, Settlers Hardware Co. specializes in hard-to-find finishing touches. Be warned; they don’t keep regular business hours. They’re only open Thursdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check them out for antique and reproduction hardware.

Southland Hardware / 1822 Westheimer
Just as the Montrose landscape changes drastically with an influx of new restaurants, multi-family housing and shopping centers, it also remains true to its history with stores like Southland Hardware. Founded in 1935, this family-owned gem claims to have “almost everything,” which includes lumber, housewares, lawn and garden supplies, electrical supplies, plumbing hardware, paint, tools, pipe cutting, sharpening services and more.

Calico Corners / 1845 W. Alabama
Do-it-yourself designers will love the branch of this national chain featuring fabric, trim, window treatments, furniture, bedding and accents for the home. It’s a great place to pick up several pieces to start (or finish) the interior design puzzle and get a fresh new look. Start with one room or tackle the whole house or apartment. Calico also has professional designers on staff to help you in any way or on any level you prefer.

Inside Biscuit Home

Biscuit Home / 1435 Westheimer
What better way to imagine your comfy bed than as a giant biscuit waiting for you every night? That’s how Biscuit’s founders Bailey McCarthy and Isabel Wilson have envisioned the perfect bedding, with a “balance of crispy sheets and a fluffy overall situation.” While the custom, American-made bedding was the start of the concept, Biscuit has also branched out into furniture, art and accessories for the home. Bonus: The fantastic photo opportunities outside the building in front of their famous paint wall.

Boxwood Interiors / 1320 W. Alabama
Have a sofa you can’t bear to part with, but it needs an upgrade? They should have you covered. Literally. Everything you’ll find at Boxwood is custom-made or custom upholstered. Additionally, they build custom sconces, chandeliers, lampshades and pillows for folks with a design in mind. In addition to the custom work, Boxwood sells furniture, paints and wall coverings.

Jann Wisdom Designs / 2005-A W. Gray
Need a professional to help you realize your vision? Jann Wisdom’s skill set ranges from full interior design projects for new construction to simpler projects like custom drapes, custom furniture and interior design of individual rooms. Her home accent store (whether or not you use her design services) is located in the River Oaks Shopping Center and is stocked with items like lamps, furniture, artwork and lighting options.

U-Plumb-It / 1424 Montrose
Having to tackle a plumbing issue — especially in an older, Montrose bungalow — may strike fear in the hearts of most, but for those brave souls that prefer to do their own handiwork, U-Plumb-It is there. Aisles of pipe, washers, and pretty much everything you’d ever need to direct water to or from a residence is just waiting to be found with the help of U-Plumb-It’s knowledgeable staff.

Credit: Light Bulbs Unlimited via Facebook
Credit: Light Bulbs Unlimited via Facebook

Light Bulbs Unlimited / 1203 Westheimer
“Unlimited” isn’t just a part of this business’ name; they really mean it. From everyday bulbs to highly specialized lighting (even custom neon), Light Bulbs Unlimited lives up to their name. Christmas lights, chandeliers, LEDs, outdoor lighting and even lighting designed to illuminate photos or artwork on the wall are available here. Fun fact: Light Bulbs Unlimited has an inventory so vast they often supply lighting to large venues like theaters and clubs around town.

Alcon Lightcraft / 1424 W. Alabama
Refurbishing or customizing light fixtures has been Alcon’s specialty since 1972, but they also have plenty of already refurbished fixtures for sale. They are the self-proclaimed “little shop with a big inventory” of antique and vintage lighting. Just a few examples of their featured pieces include a brass and wood chandelier, Moroccan-style lantern, polished brass sconces, mid-century modern chandelier and onyx table lamps.

Spy Emporium / 1550 Westheimer
Spy Emporium not only has the coolest name of any of the stores on this list, but also stocks an array of home security products available for purchase. While there is plenty of spy gadgetry to be found in the store, the most applicable to homeowners would be their selection of security cameras and safes. Sidenote: Spy Emporium also offers private investigation services if you happen to be in the market.

Mattress Stores / Multiple Locations
There’s been much ado about all the mattress stores popping up in the neighborhood, but hey, that just means more places to find the perfect match for your bedroom. (Also, it should be noted that Mattress Firm’s corporate offices are located in Houston, and they own the Mattress Pro brand.) Half the fun is trying them out before you decide, but the best part is always is diving headfirst onto a new mattress covered in clean sheets — perhaps from Biscuit Home — and sleeping peacefully throughout the night.

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