Crepes Coming Soon To 4100 Montrose

By | April 22, 2015
Melange Creperie's Former Crepe Stand
Credit: Melange Creperie via Facebook

Eatsie Boys Cafe will not be renewing its lease at 4100 Montrose. But before you get too downtrodden over your soon-to-be unsatisfied cravings for matzah ball pho, know that Melange Creperie will be moving into the vacated space. This comes on the heels of Melange’s successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $50,000 to move from a food stand into a brick-and-mortar location.

Eatsie Boys representative Ryan Soroka told the Chronicle that their growing brand — the same group also owns 8th Wonder Brewery — required they spend more time focusing efforts elsewhere.

As for 4100’s newest tenant, Soroka remarked that “the timing and opportunity is perfect,” adding that Melange is a “deserving local business to take over the space.”

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