City Of Houston One Step Closer To Helping Homeowners Repair Sidewalks

By | April 15, 2015

Montrose SidewalksThe Chronicle reports that Mayor Annise Parker and City Council members have kickstarted a conversation on making sidewalk repair more streamlined and economical for homeowners. The declining quality of sidewalks have long been an issue in Montrose, but this initiative aims to give stakeholders more power over the situation.

Council will “consider hiring two sidewalk repair contractors with whom fixed prices have been negotiated” along with changes to regulations requiring up-front submissions of detailed plans and slashing more than $100 in permitting fees.

Mentioning the fact that “countless homeowners do not know city rules make them responsible for their own sidewalks,” the Chronicle also quotes Mayor Parker as saying that the program is “designed to allow an easy process” for citizens. Having vetted contractors and set pricing will ideally help people make more informed decisions and establish competitive rates for the work at hand.

Extensive details on the program, eligibility and certain council members’ reaction to the proposed changes are available on the original Chronicle article.

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The Montrose Management District
board workshop meeting scheduled for April 3
has been postponed indefinitely.