Montrose Home To Plenty Of “Cozy” Coffee Shops

By | February 26, 2015
Credit: Siphon Coffee via Facebook

While coffee culture in Montrose has always been a strength of the neighborhood, 365 Things To Do In Houston recently took notice. Calling out five of their favorites, some familiar haunts made the list.

Blacksmith was noted for being “small in size, but big in taste” and for their “downright decadent breakfast sandwiches and biscuits,” while Agora is “great for catching up on philosophy papers or nursing finals.” The always-bustling Siphon is a “clean-cut addition to the old neighborhood,” with Southside Espresso on the list for their locally roasted beans. Finally, Black Hole rounds out their selection as a “coffee standby.”

Not in the list, but just as worthy of a mention are Inversion Coffee House with their famous Honey Badger (espresso with milk, honey and cinnamon), Paulie’s for some of the best in-restaurant espresso available in Houston, Eatsie Boys for a tasty pulled drink, Brasil for coffee, beer and great food, Niko Niko’s for Greek coffee and more and Empire Cafe for creative espresso-based concoctions.

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