Fate Of Community Garden In Montrose May Be Determined By The City Of Houston

By | February 18, 2015
Credit: Greenleaf Gardens via Facebook
Credit: Greenleaf Gardens via Facebook

The Houston Chronicle reports that property at 803 Kipling hosting Greenleaf Gardens is up for sale. However, it will very likely remain a garden-focused green space if the seller’s desires come to harvest. Property owner William Winkler purchased the 8,400-square-foot plot close to three years ago after a fire destroyed the house previously occupying the land. Winkler transformed it into a community garden by “clearing the lot, building the beds and amending the soil,” before offering plots to others for rent.

Fast forward a few years where “mounting costs” led Winkler to “seek a financial breather,” eventually listing the property at $630,000.  According to Winkler, the City of Houston has since sent a letter of intent to purchase the lot. In a statement to current garden tenants, Winkler says the city “would like to keep the lot open green space and turn it into a neighborhood park, hopefully with an emphasis on organic gardening.”

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