Bowties For Marriage Equality Transform Into A Custom Business For One Montrose Couple

By | February 12, 2015
One of the many bowties available at
One of the many bowties available at

Bowties have played a significant role in the lives of Montrose-area residents and spouses Stefan and Trevor Eade-Hill. The Houston Chronicle reports that Stefan began wearing bowties three years ago “to draw attention to the issue of same-sex marriage,” but has since taken a leap to open his own custom bowtie business online. Trevor now handles marketing for the company in addition to his day job.

KnottingHill Bowties is the result, of which the company sells from a collection sourced from the couple’s favorite tailors as well as custom orders that are handmade by Stefan. Learning how to sew from his grandmother at age 9, Stefan told the Chronicle, “At first, I thought I was going to sew my fingers together,” but has since graduated to making exotic specially ordered bowties from materials like leather, brocade and silks.

The company donates 10-percent of sales from specially designated bowties to the Human Rights Campaign.

To find out more how you can sport a bowtie to help raise awareness for marriage equality, visit

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