7 Places In Montrose To Help You Prepare For The Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo

By | February 16, 2015
One of the best places in Houston to buy used boots: Texas Junk Company. Credit: Monica D. via Flickr Creative Commons
One of the best places in Houston to buy used boots: Texas Junk Company. Credit: Monica D. via Flickr Creative Commons

The beautiful thing about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is that it attracts people of all ages, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. It’s a very Texas event with an international audience. Not only is it a massive undertaking that overruns NRG Park each March, but a source of city-wide pride and joy that bleeds into every neighborhood of Houston. Luckily for Montrose, there are plenty of shopping establishments where vintage Western wear, genuine cowboy boots, cowboy hats and accessories can be found. Don’t forget that kickoff Go Texan Day is Friday, February 27, so get to shopping little dogies.

Texas Junk Company / 215 Welch 
Things you need to know about Texas Junk Company: 1) Payment methods are check or cash 2) It’s open on select weekends only (check their Facebook to be sure) and 3) The selection here is so massive it might take some serious work to sort through it all. If you shop prepared to elbow your way through what’s sure to be a pre-Rodeo crowd looking for their own pair of boots, all should be well. While it sounds like a hassle, think of it more as a full-on experience, and one that has been a Montrose ritual for years. Texas Junk Company may be a little extra work on the front end, but the payoff is tremendous: A pair of used boots in great condition for a great price, and sometimes even a cowboy hat to coordinate. Plus, it’s an adrenaline rush like no other to find the perfect pair in such an environment. Here’s to hoping you’ll emerge victorious.

Pavement / 1657 Westheimer 
People give Pavement props for its friendly, knowledgeable employees, which is saying something. It also helps that keen shoppers have recently spotted some good lookin’ pairs of boots here, just in time for the big event. Additionally, check out the well organized selection of both women’s and men’s clothing to find the occasional hidden gem of pearl snap Western-style shirts or a worn-in pair of form-fitting jeans.

The Guild Shop / 2009 Dunlavy
The Guild Shop is a many splendored resale shop. The 11,000-square-feet of consignment goods here are as eclectic and varied as Houstonians themselves. Of course, a few boots, hats and — yes — even saddles find their way onto the shelves, all of which are ready for you to make your own. Purchases will not only go toward making yourself look and feel dapper at Houston’s biggest, grandest event, but will also lend financial support to charitable organizations that serve the elderly.

Taxi Taxi / 1657 Westheimer
Stealth shoppers will welcome the challenge of the hunt when browsing the selection of clothes, accessories and shoes at Taxi Taxi. Whether it’s a stray belt buckle, a wayward pair of boots or a vintage pearl snap, it’s all been known to show up at this quirky resale shop on Westheimer. You may have to do some digging, but this is the Rodeo, and the Rodeo is worth it.

Space Montrose / 1706 Westheimer 
For those not into the traditional Western look of Wranglers, boots and cowboy hats, sometimes a t-shirt can say it all. This family-run boutique next door to Common Bond carries plenty of custom shirts designed to show off Texan pride in a very stylish, comfortable way. Whether it’s neighborhood pizzazz (there are some touting Montrose specifically) or statewide pride you’d like to show off, there are plenty of t-shirts to choose from in both men and women’s sizes. Space Montrose also carries plenty of baby clothes, many of which have a Western theme — don’t miss the tiny, handmade leather moccasins — as well as jewelry emblazoned with the unmistakable outline of the great Lone Star State.

Tejas Boot Company / 415 Westheimer
Perhaps you already have a favorite pair of boots, but they just need a little touch up. Tejas Boot Company gussies up worn boots with a little TLC, and also creates custom boots from raw materials made to fit your exact feet. While the latter is a major time and monetary investment, the former is not as intense. Admittedly, there’s no way you’ll have a new pair of boots from Tejas in time for this year’s Rodeo, but if your touch-up job is minor, you may just have a pair that looks brand new and costs much less. Be warned: The boot maker has been known to place a sign on the door during regular business hours just to grab lunch, so it’s always best to call ahead before you visit. Better yet, make an appointment, even if it’s for a repair.

Blue Bird Circle / 615 W. Alabama 
Some of the best shopping scouts in all of Houston have word that The Blue Bird Circle resale shop is currently stocked with plenty of Rodeo wear for the discerning cowgirl. The consignment store is similar to The Guild Shop in that the proceeds benefit an array of charities including The Blue Bird Circle Clinic for Pediatric Neurology, The Blue Bird Circle Clinical Research Center and more. It’s shopping that makes you feel good and literally helps better the lives of others that need it most.

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