8 Places That Make It Easy To Get Healthier In Montrose

By | January 12, 2015

The new year often brings resolutions. Resolutions often bring promises of better eating, better living and overall well-being. If you haven’t started your new journey to a healthier lifestyle, there’s still plenty of time and opportunity to do just that. Find the perfect place to start eating better, working out smarter and feeling better. All of that — and more — is available throughout Montrose, you just need to know where to look.

Flow Juice Bar / 214 Fairview
Brought to you from the fine folks behind Max’s Wine Dive — which just so happens to be next door — is the other end of the spectrum. To be clear, it’s the healthy end. From running in to grab a quick fresh-pressed juice to sip for a variety of reasons, to going all-out for a full juice cleanse (replacing all meals for a short period of time with various juices), Flow is the place you’ll find the resources to do any and all of it. Even if the juice thing doesn’t float your boat, you can’t argue with the nutrient-packed snacks they offer, all of which are gluten-free and vegan.

Snap Kitchen / 4005 Montrose
Let Snap’s nutritionists do all the hard work, while you enjoy the fruits (and lean proteins, and whole grains) of their labor. Meals here are portioned properly to help you from overeating, and chock full of wholesome ingredients like bison, flaxseeds, roasted cauliflower, grass-fed beef and more. Grab a few to store at work for easy, healthy lunches or sign up for a full 21-day plan that literally helps you count every, single calorie. It’s a grab-and-go concept rather than a full-service restaurant, so it’s ideal for easy lunches at your desk and quick dinners at home. Additionally, Snap also offers freshly pressed juices and protein shakes if you just need a quick, liquid pick-me-up.

Fuel Kitchen & Health Bar / 1005 Waugh
Athletes with special nutrition needs look no further, Fuel is the place to find proper portions of proteins, carbs and fiber (similar to Snap Kitchen) as well as protein smoothies, regular smoothies, wheatgrass shots and more. There is a small dining area for those that want to eat and run, but similar to other prepared meals concepts, this one is meant to provide meals to eat within the comfort of your own abode. Stop in after a jog along the Allen Parkway trail and keep up the healthy work.

River Oaks Gym / 1937 W. Gray
If all the bells and whistles of fancy gyms don’t seem like something that would light a fire under your exercising desire, try River Oaks Gym. It’s a self-described “boutique” gym, which is to say, a smaller, more intimate gym. The options here are limited, though the vibe is lower key — which some trying to get back in the swing of fitness activities might find more appealing than other, higher intensity gyms. Either way, the equipment is in great condition and cleaned often, the trainers ready to help you get started and the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly.

Fit_Athletic_ClubFit Athletic Club / 1532 W. Gray
If you’re going for a full-on gym experience, or simply want to have a wide variety of equipment, classes and options at your discretion, Fit Athletic Club should be on your list. Classes like Pilates, hot yoga, power yoga, martial arts, hula hoop fitness and more are offered alongside cycling classes, personal training, a workout room stocked with up-to-date equipment and a steam room for unwinding. There’s also an onsite cafe with goodies from the above-mentioned Fuel Kitchen.

Inner Me Fitness Studio / 617 Richmond
Fitness with a side of fun is the basis of Inner Me Fitness Studio, which offers a huge array of classes that range from the traditional to the wild. Boot camps, Zumba and spinning classes (coming soon) are just a handful under the former category while chair dancing, pole dancing, belly dancing, Afro Latin, nightclub cardio and and hip hop yoga are decidedly under the latter. Either way, everyone will find something to fit their needs when it comes to classes, and it will definitely keep the potential monotony of working out at bay for as long as you can shimmy your way to a healthier body.

Timberline Fitness Studio / 3939 Montrose
Classy locker rooms, a rock-climbing wall and plenty of equipment characterize Timberline’s studio. In addition to the top-notch facilities are their Pilates, yoga, barre, cardio, TRX and spin classes that will get your body stretched out, your heart pumping and your muscles moving. Schedule an appointment with their nutrition consultant in residence to round out your resolutions and visit their massage therapists to help recover faster from any intense workouts.

Define Body & Mind / 3209 Montrose
Fitness for Define means many things, and many of those things are rolled into a handful of classes. They are divided up into Define Body (offered on different levels), which combines yoga, Pilates, ballet and light weights into an hour-long class, Define Mind, which focuses on flexibility and relaxation and Define Revolution, which is the studio’s take on high energy spin classes. Additionally, the extra classes — which still stick to the basic principles of the three main offerings — include a half-hour “Express” version of the Define Body class, a half-hour class for moms with infants and a Define Body & Mind class, which combines elements of the two core classes in one.

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