Montrose Lands A Coveted Spot On Thrillist’s “Best Food Neighborhoods” List

By | December 31, 2014
Uchi, credit: Roan Matthews of
Uchi, credit: Roan Matthews of

Everyone in Houston already knows Montrose is one of the most densely packed neighborhoods in the city when it comes to quality restaurants, but thanks to a recent Thrillist list, so does the rest of America.

Citing Hugo’s, Anvil, Uchi, Hay Merchant and Underbelly (though additional proof could be Pax Americana, Max’s Wine Dive, Cuchara, Aladdin and countless others), Montrose was ranked 7th among the “Best Food Neighborhoods in America.” Number one was The Mission in San Francisco, CA, French Quarter in New Orleans was second and Flushing, New York, NY was third.

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