Guilty Verdict Issued For Woman Accused Of Hit-And-Run of Montrose Cyclist

By | December 11, 2014
Credit: The Hamster Factor via Flickr Creative Commons
Credit: The Hamster Factor via Flickr Creative Commons

A year ago this month, Montrose Whole Foods employee Chelsea Norman was riding her bike home from work and was struck and killed by a car. After an investigation, Margaret Mayer was charged with the hit-and-run.

After going to trial, the jury found Mayer guilty yesterday. Norman’s family was pleased with the verdict according to multiple media sources, including ABC 13.

Norman’s father told reporters, “I don’t care what the sentence length is. But take a look at it this way: We’re talking about ending a human life, it happens to be my daughter; but it’s up to the society here, these jurors here, to figure out what my daughter’s life is worth when it comes to somebody’s inconvenience for the next two to 20 years.”

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