A Look Back At 2014 In Montrose

By | December 29, 2014

Just like most end-of-year wrap ups, this one is mostly happy, but there are a few bittersweet moments. The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts began their journey to a new campus in a new part of town — marking the beginning of the end in Montrose — and the Pride Parade completed its last route in the neighborhood in which it began. (Both are headed to downtown coincidentally.) Plenty of places like Dirk’s Coffee and Hollywood Vietnamese & Chinese Cuisine met their maker, but many came along to fill in where they left off.


Siphon Coffee / 701 West Alabama
Just when you think the world doesn’t need another fancy coffee places, Siphon comes along and makes you think, “Well, if the coffee here is this good, I guess the world did need more fancy coffee places.” Also, it’s really fun to watch their namesake brewing method and is still fun to visit after the sun goes down for wine, beer and snacks.

713 Pilates / 1911 West Alabama
Come January, your body may be begging you for a tune up. Since Krista Schuelke opened up this gem of a studio in Montrose, you have one more option to strengthen and feel better. They have a wide range of classes and services including pilates, personal training, TRX and Ugi Ball.

Another one of Peck's latest designs. Credit: Courtesy of David Peck USA
Another one of Peck’s latest designs. Credit: Courtesy of David Peck USA

David Peck USA Flagship Store / 2515 Morse
Not only is Montrose home to some of the greatest fashionistas — just drive down Westheimer near Dunlavy on any given afternoon — but now to one of the fastest rising fashion designers in the nation. David Peck’s designs are conceptualized, created and sold right in the heart of the neighborhood.

The Argyle League / 703 West Alabama
There’s no excuse to be shaggy with this hip new barbershop on the block. They’re motto is “stay sharp,” which is exactly how they like to keep their scissors and their straight razors for old fashioned shaves and haircuts.

Common Bond / 1706 Westheimer
There’s not much to say when it comes to Common Bond, as most of the time your mouth will be full of some of the best breads and pastries this side of the Mississippi. There’s a reason the traffic on Dunlavy has gotten out of control, and it all has to do with a certain bakery that is among the best in its class.

Montrose_BikeRacksNew Bike Racks / Multiple Locations
Pedaling got more convenient as bike racks began to appear at various locations around Montrose in 2014. To get the full list of locations, you can check here. Businesses may also request installation of bike racks at their locations for the coming year.

Bistro Menil / 1513 West Alabama
Along with one of the most respected modern art collections in the world, the Menil also added a bistro to its portfolio. In addition to its upscale European-inspired menu for lunch and dinner are growlers of craft beer you can buy to-go.

Blue Mambo / 4621 Montrose
This chic and well appointed salon relocated to the area earlier in the year, and aside from their expert staff of stylists, makeup artists and colorists are services like chakra balancing, intuitive training and guided meditations from Urban Muse. It’s a full-body, mind and spirit experience if you so choose.

Pax Americana / 4319 Montrose
What has widely been thought of by diners and critics alike as one of Houston’s best new restaurants just so happens to reside in Montrose. It’s a sister to Brooklyn Athletic Club (and just around the corner), and just as good in its own way. Come ready to share.

World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil / 1415 California
This year, the candlelight vigil commemorating the fight against HIV and AIDS found its way into Montrose. Previously held in Tranquility Park in downtown, the ceremony was held at Legacy Community Health Services, which itself has played a huge part in the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Credit: Trish Badger
Credit: Trish Badger

Mandell Park / Mandell & Richmond
Another place to rest your feet, soak up the sun and take a break from the busy world around you is Mandell Park, which was completed and dedicated this year. This project was a long time coming, and had the support of the Friends of Mandell Park non-profit behind it all the way.

Also new to Montrose this year: Stone’s Throw, Revelry on Richmond, BCN Taste & Tradition, The Mercantile, Doc’s Bar & Grill, Woodbar, Wardrobe

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