Giving Thanks: Expressing Gratitude For One Of Houston’s Most Vibrant Neighborhoods

By | November 24, 2014
Credit: Tim Sackton via Flickr Creative Commons
Credit: Tim Sackton via Flickr Creative Commons

It’s the time of year for reflection and gratitude. In honor of Thanksgiving, residents, business owners and friends of the Montrose District have expressed their answer to “Why I’m thankful for Montrose.” Thank you all for a fantastic year and many wonderful things in the years ahead. Why are you thankful for Montrose? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Shepard Ross of Brooklyn Athletic Club and Pax Americana
“Montrose sits at the very heart of Houston! The eclectic nature of Montrose itself allows so many different types of businesses to thrive. Brooklyn Athletic Club and Pax Americana are only a couple of blocks apart but afford locals the opportunity for two completely different kinds of dining experiences. Situated, minutes away from Downtown, Midtown, EADO, The Heights, River Oaks, Rice Military and Museum District, it’s the hub of cultural activity. Its socioeconomic diversity is its strength and we are glad to contribute to its growth.”

David Peck, Fashion Designer and Founder of David Peck USA
“Montrose really is where art and commerce meet. There are so many wonderful artisanal places, but they are creating products that are desirable outside this neighborhood. There are a lot of high-level thinkers here. Even thinking about Common Bond opening here this year, and one of my favorite places is Brasil — and they’re right across the street from each other. Also, it’s walkable. I think that’s one of the things I take for granted. I love that in walking distance, I have so many options for lunch or for grabbing drinks after work. The history of the neighborhood is special. It’s pretty unique in Houston to have not only the quality of the businesses that are here, but also the accessibility.”

Lindsey Brown, Public Relations Director for Clumsy Butcher 
“Montrose is one of the few walkable neighborhoods in Houston. I can walk to work. I live two blocks behind one of the best museums in the country. Many of my favorite restaurants and bars are in this neighborhood. I love the density. I love the diversity.”

Hugo Ortega of Hugo’s, Backstreet Cafe and a Multiple James Beard Award Nominee
“It’s a very diverse region and cultural part of town. It could be by far the most important, because society comes together here. Montrose is where everything happens, where people express themselves. It’s a very important part of our city’s culture and the fact that we respect each other so much. What a great thing to come together and be part of it. It’s basically the cultural point and a wonderful neighborhood.”

Krista Schuelke of 713 Pilates
“Montrose always seems to be Houston’s most friendly neighborhood to me, and even more so during the holiday season when our incredible clientele bring in their out-of-town loved ones to work out with us. Our studio really does become one big happy family. The true meaning of the season seems to radiate through their love and happiness with everybody being together!”

Harold Bekker of Light Bulbs Unlimited
“Well the people in Montrose are very loyal to local businesses, it’s a very close-knit community. Everybody knows everybody in the area, especially in the local businesses. Most residential homes are within walking distance to all the great restaurants and stores and most residents like to spend their money locally.”

Paul Petronella of Paulie’s and Camerata
“I am grateful, and admire, how self-sustaining the Montrose district can be for small businesses.  I have seen other parts of town come and go over the past 30 years, ie Midtown, Downtown, Washington, etc, but Montrose has always exercised a strong economical support of its community.”

Kevin Floyd of The Hay Merchant
“I love running a bar in Montrose. The diversity of the neighborhood is inspiring and makes for the perfect environment to push the boundaries of food and drink.”

Chris Shepherd of Underbelly and 2014 James Beard Award Winner 
“Montrose is the heart of the city.  I always knew I wanted to open my business here.  Art galleries, restaurants, bars, people…it’s an exciting place to be.”

Eric Sandler, Staff Writer at CultureMap and Montrose Resident
“I’ve lived in Montrose since 2008. Even in that relatively short amount of time, I’ve seen a lot of changes (R.I.P. Lucky Burger, Fiesta, etc). Despite that, I’m thankful that Montrose still feels like the neighborhood I moved into. I see lots of familiar faces when I’m out at places like Paulie’s, H-E-B and Poison Girl, and Ervan Chew still provides a venue for my girls to play with other dogs and work off some energy. Honestly, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Sarah Rufca, Lifestyles Editor at Houstonia Magazine and Montrose Resident
“I’m thankful for Montrose because only in Houston would we hide a world-class museum on a residential street and surround it with green space that is usually full of people practicing tai chi, walking dogs, hula hooping, cycling, reading, tight-rope walking, drum circling and generally letting their assorted freak flags fly.”

Daniel Glover, Montrose Resident 
“I’m thankful for the great old trees that provide ample shade on the summer days, the easy accessibility to everything combined with the quietude I get on our street, and the walkable feel of our neighborhood. I also love that I can bike anywhere in Montrose easily and most places have a bike rack. Most of Houston isn’t very old, but being the cultural center of Houston along with Montrose’s historic homes give the ‘hood a little more gravitas. I like that the neighborhood still has a slight seediness mixed in with the million-dollar homes, and of course I love my Montrose HEB.”

Leah Mayo, Montrose Resident
“I love Jean-Paul Goatier. I’ve never met him, but one day a picture of a goat who is a Montrose resident and named after the beloved designer showed up in our Vermont Common’s newsletter. He had been to a neighborhood party and ate some bottle caps and had a great time. I think the fact that there is a goat named Jean-Paul Goatier living in my pocket hood epitomizes what I love about Montrose.”

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