Halloween Costume Contest: Grab A Bodysuit And A Pair Of Rollerblades

By | October 30, 2014
Juan Carlos in New York City
Juan Carlos in New York City

Still deciding on a Halloween costume? Look no further. All you need is a tight-fitting body suit, a pair of blinged out roller blades and a sassy attitude.

In case you couldn’t put all the clues together, Juan Carlos, the Montrose Rollerblade Dancer is an official superstar and is judging a contest tomorrow night (Halloween) at Boheme to decide who looks the most like him.

The winner of the Juan Carlos look-alike competition wins a $100 gift certificate and the fabulous party starts at 8 p.m.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t judge contestants as harshly as Howard Stern judged him in his America’s Got Talent appearances.

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