Montrose’s Common Bond Is Anything But Common

By | September 18, 2014
Credit: Common Bond via Facebook
Credit: Common Bond via Facebook

Houston Chronicle critic, Alison Cook awarded a very rare four-star rating to Montrose bakery and cafe, Common Bond. According to the Chronicle’s break down of the rating system, four starts means a restaurant is “superlative; can hold its own on a national stage.”

For Common Bond, it was just as much the savory cafe entrees that contributed to the high praise as it was the pastries. Cook mentioned soups like one of roasted fennel pureed with buttermilk, served chilled; a gazpacho with unusual garnishes as well as “major-league sandwiches” and “ingenious uses of the house breads.”

She declared “there’s something for everybody” at Common Bond, though that does not necessarily extend to the parking spaces during peak hours. But that’s a small price to pay for a visit to a cafe and bakery that can — according to a multiple James Beard award-winning critic — hold its own on a national stage.

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