BCN Taste & Tradition Brings a Taste of Spain to Montrose

By | September 2, 2014
Credit: BCN Taste and Tradition via Facebook
Credit: BCN Taste & Tradition via Facebook

Culturemap has been tracking Spanish restaurant BCN Taste & Tradition at 4210 Roseland St. from the beginning and reports its opening set for the middle of this month. BCN chef Luis Roger uprooted himself and his family from Spain to bring his home country’s cuisine to the neighborhood.

Roger told writer Eric Sandler the restaurant will “offer 100-percent Spanish food” on the menu and aims to create an entirely Spanish atmosphere through decor, ambiance and style of service to transport guests entirely.

The cozy restaurant will open for dinner first, with lunch service coming at a later date. There are no plans for brunch, though Roger is open to the idea once things get going.

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