The Final 4 Restaurant Weeks Menus to Try in Montrose

By | August 12, 2014

The best part of Houston Restaurant Weeks is that it runs for the full month of August; plenty of time to try all the participating restaurants in Montrose. To help you achieve such a monumental feat — here are the last, but not least — five places in the neighborhood serving up fixed-price menus for either $45, $35, $25 or $20, all with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Houston Food Bank. Check out the first and second installments too in case you missed them.

The famous fried cauliflower dish at Roost. Credit: Amber Ambrose

Roost / 1972 Fairview St.
While there’s only the $35 dinner option at Roost (they’re not open for lunch), it’s worth coming back to try everything on the Restaurant Weeks menu. First course could be their famous fried cauliflower dressed in a miso sauce and topped with scallions, bonito flakes (basically paper-thin pieces of smoked and dried tuna) and toasted pine nuts. Braised beef cheeks with horseradish mashed potatoes, a flavorful caper, anchovy and caramelized shallot relish and red wine sauce will leave even the hungriest patrons sated for the entree and do not miss the donut holes served with coffee ice cream, pistachios and dulce de leche.

Radical Eats / 507 Westheimer Rd.
With items on the menu like vegan crab cakes and kale ravioli, the Restaurant Weeks selections are truly radical here. Choose from a $20 three-course lunch or a $45 four-course dinner with the aforementioned dishes as well as gems like real crab beignets with mascarpone, local blue crab meat and horseradish aioli, white gazpacho made with almonds and local muscadine grapes, carrot risotto with zucchini-wrapped tofu, squash blossoms stuffed with local goat cheese, shrimp and grits, plus desserts like a vegan tres leches and a peach and fig crepe.

Cinq at La Colombe d’Or / 3410 Montrose Blvd.
Paying $45 for a three-course dinner at Cinq is almost a steal, one you shouldn’t miss out on this August. The watermelon salad with greens, feta and an herb vinaigrette is a great way to start, moving on to the chicken-fried filet mignon with bacon-cheddar mashed potatoes and jalapeño gravy, finishing with a bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel.

Sorrento / 415 Westheimer Rd.
An Italian offering in the neighborhood, Sorrento stretches its menus to encompass dinner ($45, three courses), lunch ($20, three courses) and brunch ($25, three courses). Brunch could mean a wild mushroom and sage ravioli starter, crab cake Benedict for the entree and homemade tiramisu for dessert. Sample lunch: Tuscan bean soup, butternut squash ravioli with brown butter, zucchini and lemon zest and gelato. Sample dinner: orange and red beet salad with seared goat cheese, pasta with Italian sausage and vodka sauce and a panna cotta with seasonal berries to finish.


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