A Message from Our Executive Director

By | July 14, 2014

We are delighted to report that many of the initiatives designed to improve business and the quality of life are collectively moving forward in a positive fashion!

Currently, we are working closely with the engineering firm of Walter P. Moore and the City of Houston to create a special parking area (SPA) which will benefit local businesses. The SPA ordinance, which passed in March 2013, enables communities to create new parking rules that suit their unique needs. It will allow for more flexible parking requirements, enabling businesses some breathing room in qualifying to apply for city permits.

The SPA is a new program, and Montrose District will be the first to assist the city in testing its workability.

The Montrose District also continues to work with the Texas Commission on the Arts toward receiving a special designation as a cultural and arts district. Our application was submitted to the Commission on May 30, and we hope to hear that we have been approved in mid-September or early October. The concept of designating cultural arts districts was enabled with the passage of legislation in the 79th Texas Legislature in 2005. Its intent is to designate special zones in cities and Texas communities that harness the power of cultural resources to stimulate economic development and community revitalization.

While we believe we are already one of the city’s richest areas for artistic and cultural expression, we expect this designation to have a powerful and positive impact on our community.  We anticipate that the designation will open the door for grant funding to support the arts, including music and educational programming.  We have already begun discussions with our partners in the Museum District about working together to implement programs and events.

Finally, with the invaluable assistance of Kudula & Weinheimer, the District is in the process of allocating twenty four locations for the placement of District branding signage to enhance Montrose’s character as a unique and special destination in Houston.

As always, we endeavor to be mindful of the needs of area businesses and residents and greatly appreciate your input and suggestions.

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