My Montrose: Pavement’s Gin Martini

By | March 5, 2014

1. What’s your position at Pavement?

I work at Pavement as the key holder/closer, and I’m an independent buyer. So I buy your old, gently used clothing at a good price, and give you half the retail value.

2. So is Pavement all consignment?

No, it’s consignment mixed with vintage mixed with brand new. We get vintage items from a lot of different places, and you can come sell your clothes over the counter to us as well.

3. What’s your favorite thing about working in Montrose?

That I get to dress up every single day and don’t think it’s weird! People come by and want to take your photo, and you get to meet other cool artists and really network with the local people who make this city what it is, really.

4. And you actually design clothes too, right?

Yes! It’s my second full-time job. I make clothing under the name Gin Martini Designs. A lot of costumes and stuff for the stage, but also casual wear and alterations for people.

5. There are a lot of shops like Pavement in the area. What makes Pavement different?

Well, every shop in this area has its own unique style. I think Pavement is more for the trendy person; young, unique, modern. You want something fresh, like something vintage, that you can pair with regular skinny jeans.

6. If you could grow something that’s improving in Montrose or change something, what would it be?

Getting a bike rack for Pavement! We need more bike racks.

The District is working on getting better bike parking!

That’s awesome! We really need that. I also really love our Mini Pops in the shop parking lot ‘cause it really brings people together, like the local art community. And The Montrose Proper just opened up, which is bringing a lot more artists into the area. I feel like we are getting more connected as an art community in Montrose, and it’s really cool. And we get local musicians at the Mini Pops, too. Anybody can set up a booth for $40, so.

7. Do you feel like the walkability of Westheimer helps business?

Oh definitely. I’d say 90% of our traffic is people walking here from American Apparel, stopping in and asking us what we’re about. ‘Cause they’ve heard of American Apparel, but not us. So the walkability of this street is really great.

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