Woman Charged in Tragic Montrose Cyclist Death

By | February 7, 2014

Margaret Mayer, 35, charged with failure to stop and render aidMargaret Renee Mayer, 35, was arrested and charged yesterday for failure to stop and render aid in the hit-and-run death of Chelsea Norman, 24, a local cyclist. Authorities say Mayer was intoxicated behind the wheel, and that conversations with friends and family indicate that Mayer knew she had hit someone or something because her windshield was shattered, but that she did not remember details.

She was released today on a $30,000 bond, and ordered by Judge Brad Hart to use an intoxilyzer if she drives. Her next court date is March 21st.

Houston’s cycling community is calling on the Houston Police Department to add additional charges of manslaughter and violating the recent Safe Passing Zone law. Authorities say these charges are harder to prove because there were no witnesses or video evidence.

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