More Bike Racks Coming to Montrose

By | February 3, 2014

Montrose has a reputation for being a bike friendly neighborhood. It’s not uncommon to see cyclists on our streets, and the popular monthly Karbach Brewery ride often starts right in the heart of Montrose at Hay Merchant.

Despite the amount of cycling that goes on in Montrose, finding a safe and secure place to park a bike can be a challenge. BikeHouston brought this issue to The District’s attention late last year, and we began a plan to help make secure bike parking in our neighborhood a reality. We worked closely with BikeHouston on rack design and placement ideas, are very close to unveiling the first racks.

Once we secure our first two locations, we’ll be doing a ribbon-cutting event with the businesses and BikeHouston to celebrate. Stay tuned to and our social media channels for the details, and get ready to have an even more bike friendly neighborhood!

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  1. The monthly Karbach Brew Cruise start at different bars in the area, and not at Hay Merchant.

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