City Debuts 311 Performance Dashboard

By | February 11, 2014

Call 311 to report a pothole in MontroseEver sent a complaint to the city and been unsure it’s being heard? The City listened, and has debuted the 311 Performance Dashboard.

Citizens can now check the dashboard and see a large amount of data, much of it in easy-to-understand chart form, about how each city department is handling complaints. Data like number of issues opened and closed per month, volume of service requests, and more can be looked at on a neighborhood or district level, and users can see types of complaints made as well.

The dashboard is part of an ongoing attempt at online transparency by the City to better serve its citizens and improve infrastructure and services. It was created by Frank Bracco of the Performance Improvement Division, and won best application at the recent Tech Street/Open House Hackathon.

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The Montrose Management District
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has been postponed indefinitely.