Public Safety Officers Roll Out Crime Prevention Initiatives

By | June 20, 2013
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The Montrose Management District’s Public Safety Committee continues to work on several initiatives to ensure that the community maintains its reputation for being one of the safest in Houston. Graffiti abatement and reducing the number of car break-ins are two of the main areas of focus for the District and its public safety officers.

“If somebody has graffiti on their property or they can see it, they can call me or e-mail me or report it through the District’s web site –,” said Josh Hawes, Director of Services. “We have a fast response time because they’re out there about twice a week. They paint match it and clean it up and you can’t even tell it’s happened.”

The graffiti abatement staff members always carry releases with them so property owners can give permission for access, Hawes said. Because juveniles are out of school in the summer months, that can be time when graffiti begins to blossom again, he added.

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The Montrose Management District also has a contract with about two dozen off-duty HPD officers to maintain the security of the community. These officers use geographical information system (GIS) coordinates to keep track of crime statistics by property address and enable them to identify “hot spot” locations for crime. Mobile cameras deployed to these locations play “a great role in reducing crime in our neighborhoods and businesses,” according to HPD Chief Charles McClelland.

One of the more proactive crime prevention initiatives being employed is the reduction and prevention of car break-ins, and this takes some public education, Hawes said.

The Public Safety Committee meets the second Friday of every month at 9 a.m. at
4310 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX 77006 and is open for public comment.

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  1. So glad to know that there is someone out there that cares.Wish I had known bout yaw before.On that note it’s really sad how the old “Skybar”. Building is falling to the mercy of taggers.With the building fenced off guess taggers will persevere. Could it be a inside job.Check out the top floor of the building.Why can’t owners be held accountable, major eyesore. If I had enough money I’d buy it and figure out a way to stop the insanity,, “Love The Montrose”.

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District provided services such as safety patrols by off-duty HPD officers, graffiti abatement, trash pick-up, maintenance of esplanades, among other services outlined in the Districts’ Assessment Plan, that are supplemental to services provided by the City of Houston, had been reduced in Mid-November and ceased completely as of December 11. The District had to cease the services due to unpaid assessments from some of the commercial property owners within the District. Delinquent assessments for 2016 and prior years are being collected for services that were delivered in 2017. The current lawsuit status does not affect the collection of delinquent assessments due for 2016 and prior years for services rendered for calendar year 2017. Please direct questions regarding the cessation of services to Executive Director, Ben Brewer at We are committed to helping our neighborhood remain the safe, vibrant and attractive place to live and do business and would like to hear from you on how we can continue to work together in this effort.