April Recycling Mixer at BLUEorange

By | April 23, 2013
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This month our Recycling Mixer will be hosted by BLUEorange Gallery, a contemporary art space created by the brother and sister team of Megan and Jacob Spacek.

The doors opened in November of 2012 and Houston has been smitten ever since, as the two have garnered media attention from the online contemporary art magazine, Glasstire and have been featured twice in Houston Magazine.

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MMD is excited to be co-hosting our April Recycling event with the Spaceks!  It is a gorgeous space offering contemporary art to the Montrose community.  Currently on exhibition is Unforgotten by experience combining the ink drawings of Karen Hillier and the sculptural forms of Clay McClure with video and sound installation.

We had a chance to chat with one-half of the Spacek duo — Megan — about BLUEorange’s recycling efforts.  Below she shares her ideas about what it takes to go green!

What encouraged you to change your business practices and go green?
We have always been advocates for recycling, practicing at home and bringing it into our business.

What was the biggest challenge/what kept you from making the switch earlier?
It’s easy to just toss something that could be recycled, but it’s worth the extra time and effort to clean and sort your discarded items if it keeps them out of landfills.

Did MMD or the City of Houston help in the process? Or what would you like to see these entities doing to help businesses recycle?
Having a recycling bin definitely helps one be mindful of recycling. It would be great if we had another 90 gallon can for recycling in addition to the trash.

What all does your recycling program entail?
We recycle all paper that comes and goes through our business practices, we reuse boxes for the safe storage and travel of artwork, and all other disposable items we use (i.e. cups, bottles at openings, etc.) are recyclable

Were there any unexpected advantages of going green that you had not anticipated?
Having less trash around. Way more than half of what we use and dispose of can and is recycled.

How do your customers react to your green status?
Customers appreciate our efforts to keep Houston green!

How did your employees react?  Was it difficult to get them on-board?
Everyone was on-board from the beginning, so it was an easy transition.

What are your tips for making ‘green’ easy?
I think one reason people don’t recycle is that they’re unsure of what all can be recycled. Going over and reminding employees of what should be recycled is important.

Join Us!

Photo of outside of the Blue Orange gallery in Houson, TX

BLUEorange Gallery
1208 West Gray Street
April 25, 5:30 – 7:30


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