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By | November 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Nino’s! As reported by b4-u-eat, the Vincent Mandola’s bistro is celebrating 35 years in business every Monday, from 4:30pm til closing, with half-dozen oysters at Grappino’s and a glass of house-selected white or red Italian wine for $12 plus tax and gratuity. Oysters can be raw or char-broiled. Grappino’s is located directly behind Nino’s and Vincent’s in the 2800 block of W Dallas, in a beautifully landscaped cobblestone courtyard draped with vines. There’s live music there Monday-Friday.

It’s oyster season in Houston!
Months that end in “R” aRRRRRRe my favorite time of year … the season for slippery, shelled treats. Where to find them in Montrose? I’m so glad you asked. Houston Press is rounding up their best places in Houston for oysters. Here’s are the highlights in the ‘hood:

The delectable bivalves can also be gobbled up on Monday’s at Danton’s Oyster Mondays: half price half shells [currently $5.50/lb]. Houston Press also recommends their oyster stew, even making their top 100 dishes in Houston.

Of course, BB’s Cafe ranks in at number six for their pearly whites poboy [duh … no brainer].

Newcomer Lucille’s oyster sliders get a big shout out coming in at number three on top oyster-nom’ing places in the city.


So fess up … where’s the best oyster-eating in Montrose? Give us shout out on twitter @MontroseHTX or on our facebook wall.



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