New Heavy Trash and Tree Waste Pick Up Days

By | September 12, 2012

From Council Member Jack Christie’s newsletter:

The Solid Waste Management Department has taken resident feedback and is improving heavy trash and tree waste service throughout the city. Effective November 1, 2012, community areas will have a new heavy trash/tree waste service date. The change in service date will provide a single service day for major community areas. No change will be made on the alternating months for heavy waste and tree waste; just the service day will change.

Residents will receive multiple direct mail pieces from the Solid Waste Management Department of the upcoming and needed improvement in service, as well as the new service day.

To find your new heavy trash collection day, click here for an online address search. Enter your address in the web tool located on the top right of your screen to find your new collection day. To see a map of the new heavy trash layout for the City of Houston, please click here.

5 responses to “New Heavy Trash and Tree Waste Pick Up Days”

  1. Cassandra German

    Our heavy junk pick up is due to be picked up on Dec 25th which is considered a Holiday. Please let us know what other day the heavy junk trash can be picked up

    • Lenny Williams

      Hello! Heavy junk pick-up will continue on December 26th. However, I suggest contacting 3-1-1 with your exact address, just to be sure! Happy Holidays!

  2. Sylvia McCullough

    What day is heavy trash pick up and what kind of trash can be pur out?

  3. Olga Vivas

    Need to know if first or last wednesday for junk heavy waste pick up For zip 77098-3311

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