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By | September 14, 2012

We’ve been sitting down with Montrosians talking fav eats, events, shops and what Montrose means to them. This time we got to chat with Mark Davis of Davis Commercial Real Estate and President of the Museum District Business Alliance [MDBA] at Brasil’s.

My Montrose with Mark DavisDavis Commercial Real Estate is a full service commerical real estate company founded 11 years ago that specializes in selling properties inside the loop. But they also represent buyers. If you want to buy a building or lease a space, they represent you, help find the right property and act as your broker. And they work with tenants to find space in a shopping center, negotiate with the landlord and get you taken care of. They do a little bit of development too. Full service. Why in the loop? because they live and work here. Davis Commercial is located on Richmond at Shepherd right behind Cheeky Vintage,  his wife’s business.  And while Mark and his team work with all types of clients, from Fortune 500’s to your next door neighboor, they really love getting to know the clients on a personal level – trying to help them, making them the most money, getting them the best price and educating them on commercial real estate, so they walk away happy with the experience.

Mark joined the MDBA four years ago and really enjoyed going to the luncheons hearing the interesting speakers. He joined the Board two years ago and was just named President a couple months ago. “I like it because it’s a mix of business and community involvement and that’s what I strive for.” He has lived in the area for 20 years and both his daughters graduated from Annunciation Orthodox School here in Montrose, where he sat on the Board as well.


Favorite Meal: Breakfast at Empire Cafe

Favorite Building: West Alabama Theater that they’re now converting to Trader Joe’s. I also really like what Dominique Renaud did with the building on West Alabama and Mount Vernon, now Houston Business Insurance. He didn’t tear it down but totally renovated it while still keeping the integrity of the building and it’s place in the neighborhood.  I love that about the area. We take original buildings and improve upon them instead of tearing them down, preserving the character of the old with the vibe of the new.

Favorite New Development: H-E-B did a great job when they developed their Dunlavy store. The outside looks fabulous … the way it blends into the neighborhood, the architecture, the glass is just wonderful, the trees and the parking lot. They also had a lot of great neighborhood participation. They didn’t just barrel in and say “Here’s what they’re doing.” They really listened to the community. They did it the right way.

Favorite Event: Greek Festival [Right around the corner! October 4-7]

Favorite place to take visitors: Down Sunset, by Rice, through Hermann Park and the circle of Museums from the Contemporary Arts Museum to Houston Museum of Natural Science. It really shows Houston’s beauty. [Don’t forget Saturday is Museum District Day!]

Favorite Place to Spend Money: With Meaghan at Cut Loose – anyone who can make me look better leaving than when I came in deserves a gold star!

Unsung Business: Lucky Burger


We’re sitting down with Montrose residents and personalities to talk favorite meals, shopping, streets and what Montrose means to them. Have a place to share? Leave us a message in the comments! Want to pick someone’s brain? Tell us who in the comments.

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