Montrose: One Street, a World of Flavors

By | September 26, 2012
International Dining in Montrose
courtesy of covers the street with the most international flair: Montrose.

“The district’s namesake thoroughfare offers an array of restaurants uniting flavors from around the globe. European fine dining can be found right next to hearty American fare. Just across the street you’ll find Asian classics neighbored by a Mexican cantina. No matter the flavor you seek, you’ll find it on this 1 ½-mile strip. Welcome to Montrose, your round-the-world gastronomic journey in the heart of Houston.”

Read all their international dining recommendations on their article here featuring Thai, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Greek, Cajun, Lebanese, Japanese … you get the idea. Around the world seven days, anyone?


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The Montrose Management District
board workshop meeting scheduled for April 3
has been postponed indefinitely.