Montrose Makes Clean Streets Dream Come True

By | September 10, 2012

You may have noticed those pretty, no-longer-cluttered lanes along Alabama, Dallas, Montrose, Richmond, Shepherd, and Westheimer recently.

Street Sweeping in Montrose

The Montrose Management District has begun a comprehensive street sweeping of major thoroughfares hiring Waste Partners Environmental who use mechanical broom machines which are self-contained. The sweeper trucks actually remove the sediment from the roadway as specified by EPA and are also equipped with water sprayers for dust suppression. Clean, green and safe!

The first sweep removed over 90 cubic yards of dirt and debris from the roads ( to put that in tangible terms: 1 cubic yard of road debris is just under 1 ton in weight), which is then transported to offsite containers.

Not only does this make the streets safer for cyclists but it gives those well-loves routes a facelift, not to mention a prettier street-view to businesses along those roads. Mayor Parker recently commented, “From a practical stand point, the street sweeping program that the District has just started will be very helpful. We do street sweeping downtown through the Downtown Management District and the state does debris cleanup on the freeways but outside of the central business district, we don’t normally do that.” So Montrose Management District stepped up to the challenge.

The District is committed to making Montrose a greener and cleaner community, their Recycling Committee has already implemented quarterly recycling events at H-E-B Montrose Market, monthly recycling mixers and a business recycling program with the City of Houston.  “…The plan to sweep the streets came about in discussions with the board because we have such a beautiful community and dirty streets simply did not fit with our other green initiatives,” adds Dr. Randy Mitchmore, Vice-Chair of the Montrose Management District Board of Directors.

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  1. Alexandre L'Eveille

    I’m happy to see the street sweeping. When I lived in Boston, street sweeping was a regular event and made a huge difference. I was surprised to see how little it’s done here. I’m glad to see this changing.

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