Have you heard? Delivery option for local grubs.

By | September 10, 2012

Montrose is full of entrepreneurs – innovative and hungry minds … and that’s the story behind GrubSquad creator Ogo Ifelayo.  GrubSquad is a local delivery service that has partnered with lots of neighborhoods restaurants and food trucks so you don’t have to settle for another pizza meeting if you’re really craving one of Barnaby’s ginormously delicious burgers or Chelsea Grill’s sweet potato won tons.

GrubSquad delivers from Montrose restaurants

From CultureMap:

The idea behind GrubSquad came two years ago, says Ifelayo.

“I’m Nigerian, and Nigerian weddings can get really big,” Ifelayo tells CultureMap. “We ordered food from about 10 places and the process can get uncomfortable ordering from different mom-and-pop places.”

The entire process takes under an hour, and Ifelayo says that almost every order has been delivered within 45 minutes of when it was placed.


And if you’re thinking you know takeout services, think again. Unlike it’s expensive predecessors, GrubSquad’s service only costs you $4.99 [plus tipping your awesome delivery agent]. BONUS: they make funny videos.

Mondays can be rough. Craving one of these yummy restaurants today? Just order in from GrubSquad.

Kam’s Cuisine
Lacey’s Deli
La Villette
Roots Bistro
Chelsea Grill
Ziggy’s Bar and Grill
Bernie’s Burger Bus
Gumbo Girls

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