$410 Million Bond Proposal to be on November Ballot

By | September 12, 2012

From Council Member Jack Christie’s newsletter:

Houston City Council approved the placement of five bond proposals on the November 6, 2012 ballot. The $410 million bond proposal will not require a tax increase. This is the smallest bond referendum in 30 years, as the new Rebuild Houston program does not allow additional debt to be incurred for street and drainage infrastructure improvements.

Voter approval would provide funding for city public improvements for the next five years. The needs range from roof and foundation repairs at city-owned buildings to new police and fire stations, as well as improvements to parks, libraries, health, trash, and recycling facilities. There is also $100 million included in city matching funds for the Bayou Greenways Project, a $200 million initiative to complete a 100-year old vision of continuous public parks and trails alongside every major bayou segment in the City of Houston.

For more information on the proposed projects to be funded through this bond issue, click the Proposed Bond Referendum Mayor’s Report.

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