The Changing Face of Montrose

By | August 3, 2012

Swamplot first reported Wednesday that a beloved apartment complex on Richmond was “changing guards,” and to be replaced with a Midrise. “TENANTS OF the Andover Richmond Apartments at 1301 Richmond Ave. near Graustark got notice today that the complex has been sold …” [Read full story on SWAMPLOT.]

This set off a string of commentors on reminiscing about their time at the complex. Andover has stood for over 50 years and represents one of most affordable, well-maintained complex in the area however Montrose is also rapidly changing, attracting the top rated restaurants, stellar businesses, new residents  and, as such, new housing for them.

Defending their neighborhood and the changes one commentor, Bernard, says, “. . . Montrose is getting better by the day and there are NO signs that it will stop. The junk is being removed and improved. The process started in earnest 20 years ago and has another 20+ years to go. Every year the Montrose area gets more dense, more affluent, and more dynamic. Greater Montrose is where people want to live. Close to downtown? Check. Close to Galleria? Check. Close to Memorial Park? check…”

A follow up to the original story reports, “A RESIDENT of the Andover Richmond Apartments at the corner of Richmond and Graustark passes on word to Swamplot that a “midrise luxury style residence” is being planned for the 2.9-acre site near Graustark — after the courtyard-style apartments that have stood there for more than 50 years are demolished.” [Read full story on SWAMPLOT.]

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