Iconic Drinks in Montrose

By | August 22, 2012

Eater Houston has posted its roundup of Houston’s 20 Most Iconic Drinks saying, “One tie that binds many of these drinks is that they are served cold: a testament to Houstonians’ constant quest to beat our summer heat. If many of these places seem new, consider it proof that places like Greenway Coffee, Anvil and 13 Celsius have changed the way Houston drinks.” See the full list here.

Montrose noteables include:

Shiner at West Alabama Ice House

The Happy Meal at Grand Prize

The Brave at Anvil

Iconic Drinks in Montrose

My additions:

Cocorita from El Pueblito

Frozen Mojito at Boheme

A Buffalo Bayou Brew at Jackson’s Hole

… and possibly any margarita at Chapultepec after midnight.


Is it happy hour yet?

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