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By | August 15, 2012

Founded in May 1993, Webb Architects is a small, 3-person, Houston based commercial, architectural firm focusing on medical, medical office, industrial manufaturing and specializing in hazardous material projects but also works with restaurants and entertainment clients as well.

Something unique about Webb Architects? They make sure they are solving their client’s desires with the needs of the community and its environs by enhancing the existing urban fabric of neighborhoods, guiding private + public investment and contributing to the practice and art of placemaking. And with over 95% of their business being referrals and repeat customers – they do it right.

They are also the local specialists in green roofs.  Their intensive green roofs have 10-12″ of soil on top for plantings. Their LEED certified buildings use 50% of the energy of a typical office building.  Their buildings are self-irrigating, recycling more than 100,00 gallons of water from air conditioning condensation. Their founder, Joe Webb, did not jump on this green wagon as a fad, though. A 1971 graduate of University of Houston in Architecture, he was one of the original members in the Texas Solar Energy Society with founder LaVerne Williams.  It’s always been of interest to Webb but when a client came to him in 2005 and asked for a sustainable solution to a building problem – that’s when Webb Architects became the experts. Their clients come to them because they understand being green is about being profitable, not just environmentally responsible.  And it isn’t all that revolutionary … they are taking old technology and putting a new spin on it.

We sat down with their founder, Joe Webb, a  native Houstonian and outgoing Museum District Business Alliance President. Where does this community leader call home? Montrose. “It’s a walkable neighborhood that’s accessible to so many other Houston places. There’s our gorcery store, dry cleaners, drug store and 6 to 8 restaurants we can walk to from our home.”  So, naturally, we picked his brain for the best stops in the neighborhood.

Fav meal? We go to Riva’s alot but the spinach salad at Baba Yega’s is probably my go to with chicken, strawberries and a raspberry dressing.

Fav place to grab a cup of coffee? MBDA’s weekly get together at Canopy. It’s always good conversation and we have a pretty group that gets together each Wednesday at 7:30am.

Fav building? Black Lab and the Library – it fits well in the community, has accessible but hidden parking.

Fav walk? University of St. Thomas. It’s where we do our regular dog walks and catch the four cottontails that hop through campus.

Fav shop? Southland Hardware*. But I love the new shop, Settlement Goods.

Fav event? 4th of July on St. Thomas’ garage. It’s this random community happening. There are some kids from the college sometimes and just local residents that gather and watch together. It’s all about the community coming together.

Where do you always take visitors? Roost! We’ve been taking our nieces and nephews to new dining spots but we love this place. And the Houston Arts Alliance gallery. Oh, and the Art Car Parade.

Unsung business? U-Plumb-It. If you have a question, they have an answer. And if he doesn’t have it, it’s not made.

Joe Webb is more than just ‘involved in his community,’ he’s a resident that is taking action to improve his neighborhood and city.  He is the chair of Blueprint Houston, President of Our Global Village, involved in WAMM and outgoing president of MDBA. He’s also involved in AIA Houston and devotes his time to numerous others.

Do you know a passionate Montrose resident or business owner who can share their favorite spots? We want to hear their story. Comment here.



 *It’s hurricane season! Make a stop at Southland and stock your hurricane kit!

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