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By | July 13, 2012
Nancy Wozny's favorite Montrose
Phil, Nancy and Joe Wozny. photo by Mark Wozny

Nancy Wozny recently relocated to the Montrose District from the ‘burbs now that the kids have flown the coop. Don’t discount this former burbs, social butterfly though – Nancy is editor of Arts + Culture magazine in Houston, contributing editor for Dance Magazine, arts contributor at CultureMap, she taught at the Jung Centerfor 15 years, or you may have even seen her doing the post-show talks at the Houston Ballet for years. If there’s something going on arts-related in Houston, Nancy’s on it. When her and husband Mark were deciding where to start their inner loop renaissance, they couldn’t decide between Downtown and the Montrose/Museum District. Luckily, they landed in the latter. Now they can be found anywhere within walking distance of their building enjoying the green space and extensive arts offerings of the area. I sat down with pedestrian Nancy at Canopy [one of her local favs] to talk about her new local haunts and old standbys that make her new hood home.

Favorite Walk: I have a few. The Rice Loop for the skyscape views … and because Shepherd School of Music lets me stop in for a sip from their water fountain. Barkdale through Boulevard Oaks, of course. I’ve watched the herons grow up there after Hurricane Ike. And down Banks – there are all these post-war single-family homes. It’s walking through history. And reminds me of Buffalo, NY where I grew up.

Favorite Meal: First, the quiche with quinoa and caramelized onions at Canopy [although, my son likes the niçoise salad] and they have a great happy hour. Second place is the sweet potato dumplings at Chelsea Grill [and Wednesdays they have half price bottles of wine], plus it’s convenient to Main Street Theater’s Chelsea Market Shows.

Favorite Escape: Etheria Salon and Day Spa by La Colombe d’Or

Favorite Coffee: Iced coffee at Black Hole [also a great place to have meetings]

Favorite Place to Buy Beer: D & Q. When my son comes over, we sneak over there and pick up a 6-pack.

Favorite Drink: Frozen mojito at Boheme’s [where Nancy can be found most Thursday’s for Cultured Cocktails]. They make it my way: double mint, extra ice. And I can’t ever pass up the tamale guy that makes an appearance there every time. Their sangria is great, too.

Favorite Event: The first thing I did when we moved was joining the Film Buffs at the Museum of Fine Arts. I got to see Moonrise Kingdom before anyone else with a special intro by Wes Anderson. You can also see things there you aren’t going to see again or anywhere else. Then I joined Asia Society. We’ve seen Jonah Bokaer and Coleman Barks already. It’s a very special place and I have such an interest in Asian culture. Getting these memberships was like joining the neighborhood for us. Oh, and I also love that I get to walk to my Feldenkrais class at the Jung Center on Tuesdays almost next door to me. And Friday nights we love going to Miller Outdoor Theater.

Where do you take visitors? I usually seek out events that have meaning or would be special for that person. I took my sister to the Milton Rogovin exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts because it was photographs of Buffalo’s west side, where we grew up. And we usually go to Canopy. It’s easy to get to; they have healthy options that include vegetarian and vegan options and a lot of my friends like that. We also go to Black Lab for a beer.

What does Montrose mean to you? Accessibility to major arts institutions: the CAMH, Asia Society, MFAH, Glassell … even Traditions Bank was hosting a 35 Years of Printmaking exhibit, I went twice I loved it so much. I love how green it is – there are so many trees. There’s so much concrete Downtown – we can’t live just on concrete. Oh, and the birds here – they are the same birds as in Cypress, so lyrical and pastoral.

We’re sitting down with Montrose residents and personalities to talk favorite meals, shopping, streets and must stops for visitors in Montrose and around Houston. Have a place to share? Leave us a message in the comments!

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