Audubon Place Gets Greener with New Community Garden

By | May 8, 2012

Montrose is getting a new community garden, thanks to Audobon Place resident William Winkler who bought a nearby property after a fire destroyed the residence in 2008. The lot sat vacant and the remaining structure was finally destroyed. Now Winkler has begun the necessary improvements to make the lot a sustainable garden, hoping to be ready this Fall. For just $40 per month tenants receive a 4 ft x 20 ft raised bed – including all water, fertilizer and tools. Residents have already started reserving their spots at Greenleaf Gardens (there will be 20).

Will you be reserving a spot at Greenleaf Gardens for your crops? For a listing of Community Gardens in your neighborhood, visit Urban Harvest’s Community Garden Directory.

For more on the project and Winkler’s efforts, check out Swamplot:

For almost 2 years after it caught fire in October 2008, the 2-story home at 803 Kipling St. in Audubon Place stood vacant on the property as a burnt skeleton. Now the recent purchaser of the lot that remained after the property was demolished has plans to turn the land into a community garden.


Audubon Place resident William Winkler has drawn up plans to fit twenty 4-ft.-by-20-ft. raised beds fashioned out of 2-in.-thick cedar boards on the 8,400-sq.-ft. property on the southwest corner of Stanford and Kipling, each of them a foot high. He hopes to fence the property and add a large storage shed and an attached covered pavilion. Greenleaf Gardens, he says, will “strive for self-sufficiency.”

Read the full article on SWAMPLOT here.


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