About Us

In 2006 the Board of Directors met to adopt a Service Assessment Plan. The Plan focuses on 4 key areas:

Business Development

  • Support small business owners and independent restaurants
  • Establish parking plan
  • Develop cohesive growth strategy
  • Initiate convenient recycling methods for businesses
  • Support preservation of historic properties and structures
  • Provide public relations and marketing support
  • Develop District web site and other media
  • Sponsor market research
  • Partner with local chambers of commerce and business organization

Transportation Planning

  • Coordinate with Metro on the proposed Richmond Rail Line
  • Enhance amenities for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve public transportation shelters, seating, and trash services
  • Develop trolley system, parking plan
  • Develop transportation and mobility master plan
  • Create Montrose boulevard promenade
  • Provide for traffic flow studies and assist in mobility projects

Public Safety

  • Provide graffiti abatement and prevention
  • Enhance public street lighting
  • Establish partnerships with HPD, Metro, and other agencies
  • Support HPD’s Positive Interaction Program (PIP)
  • Enhance traffic control devices where necessary
  • Initiate safety awareness programs and activities
  • Advocate for security needs with county, city, state, and federal agencies

Visual Improvements & Cultural Promotion

  • Develop Urban Village concept
  • Promote esplanade and median adoptions Support and maintain public art
  • Provide supplemental mowing, trash pick up, and bandit sign removal
  • Preserve, enhance, and expand public parks and trails
  • Address water, wastewater, and drainage requirements
  • Create District identity and inviting streetscapes
  • Support conservation programs, emissions reduction and recycling

The Montrose Management District
board workshop meeting scheduled for April 3
has been postponed indefinitely.