Assessment Information

The Montrose Management District is funded through assessments on commercial property existing within the District. A commercial property owner is required to pay on their assessed value as determined by the District’s Service & Assessment Plan. In 2013, the assessment rate was set at $0.125 per every $100 of assessed valuation.

The assessed value is determined by the Harris County Appraisal District. Preliminary values are typically set in May based upon the condition of the property on January 1. After protests, values are typically certified in August. Following certification, a supplemental hearing will likely take place as the Board will add newly constructed property or substantially rehabilitated property to the assessment rolls that occurred since the prior year.

The Montrose Management District will determine the assessment rate following the supplemental hearing, typically in the fall. However the District’s Board of Directors has maintained the same $0.125 assessment rate since the initial levy. After the rate has been set, bills will be sent out by early December. The Montrose Management District uses Equi-Tax Inc. to serve as its assessor/collector. To pay your assessment online, click the link below (you will be required to enter your CAD Account Number, which can be found on your bill.):




Assessment payments must be sent by the commercial property owner by January 31. Those payments sent after January 31 are considered delinquent. Equi-Tax Inc. will then send out a notice to all delinquent property owners, with information on the increased amount of penalty and interest due each month if payment is not made. In May, remaining delinquent property owners are notified that if the appropriate payment is not received by June 30, their account will be given to a delinquent tax attorney for collection. The Montrose Management District uses Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott LLP for this service. An additional penalty of 20%, along with statutory penalties and interest due to the District, will be added to these accounts.

The Montrose Management District has adopted a policy allowing the waiver of a penalty, but not interest, if a property owner did not receive a bill. The request must be made by August 1. Each property owner will only be granted a waiver of the penalty once. Details of the policy can be found here.

For additional questions related to assessment collection, billing, or notification, please call Equi-Tax Inc. Customer Service at (281) 444-3946. For questions regarding assessments that remain delinquent after June 30, please call Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott LLP at (713)-862-1860.

*This information is provided as a public service in an effort to explain the assessment process in plain English. Nothing herein is meant to override state law nor should it be construed as legal advice.

District provided services such as safety patrols by off-duty HPD officers, graffiti abatement, trash pick-up, maintenance of esplanades, among other services outlined in the Districts’ Assessment Plan, that are supplemental to services provided by the City of Houston, had been reduced in Mid-November and ceased completely as of December 11. The District had to cease the services due to unpaid assessments from some of the commercial property owners within the District. Delinquent assessments for 2016 and prior years are being collected for services that were delivered in 2017. The current lawsuit status does not affect the collection of delinquent assessments due for 2016 and prior years for services rendered for calendar year 2017. Please direct questions regarding the cessation of services to Executive Director, Ben Brewer at We are committed to helping our neighborhood remain the safe, vibrant and attractive place to live and do business and would like to hear from you on how we can continue to work together in this effort.